Friday, 15 June 2012

Misandry in the 21st Century

I oppose misandry and the institutionalised inequalities in family life, the divorce courts, the work place, education, health care and the media.

So what is misandry anyway?

In short, it is the hatred of men and boys--the counter-part of misogyny. Whereas the word 'misogyny' is well known and widely used, the term 'misandry' is hardly known at all--in fact your spell checker is unlikely to even recognize it as a word. You see, society pretends that males are 'privileged', and therefore misandry cannot exist. In fact the opposite is true, and men and boys are subjected to routine phyiscal, sexual and emotional abuse. In today's society, we are the ones who are impoverished, marginalized, exploited, humiliated and ridiculed. The thing is, this abuse has been normalized to such an extent, that it is not only acceptable, but is hardly recognized for what it is.

The first part of video shows extracts from a US TV show called "The Talk" in which an horrific attack on a man is discussed by the all female panel and audience. The point is not so much the sickening attack itself, although it is sickening and a tragedy, but how misandry has become so normalized that it is considered perfectly acceptable to ridicule victims of torture and mutilation on prime time television--provided that those victims are male.

The second part of the video deals with how males are ridiculed in TV ads, how violence against us is portrayed as normal, and how positive male role models have been withdrawn from TV and cinema over recent years. The accumulative effect of this on the self-esteem and mental well being of young boys growing up today's world is incalcuble.

Note. Suicide is the Biggest Killer of Men in the UK, according to CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably). American males between the ages of 20 and 24 have a suicide rate that is seven times higher than that of women (National Center for Injury Prevention and Control).

Note. This video contains short extracts from various sources. Copyrighted material is the property of the respective owners. The principle of "fair use" is claimed for the non-commercial purpose of critical review in the public interest.

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