Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Before the dream fades

It's early morning here, and I've just had a dream. Isn't it funny how dreams fade? But this time I got straight to my keyboard and managed to bottle it while it lingered.

For me, it's about self-acceptance. I suspect some will identify with this, which is why I share it. But perhaps others won't. I'm OK with this also.

Here it is...

I woke up in my bed at my parents' home, but as the adult I am now. I wondered to myself, could I create a clone?

As I pondered on it, a copy of myself emerged from my body like an expanding bubble. "Where is all this matter coming from to do this?" I thought as it was happening. And then there I was -- lying in bed with myself, and holding myself. It wasn't sexual. I noted how physically large I was.

But then we decided we better get up and face things. We couldn't figure out which one of us was the copy and we laughed about it. We decided that it didn't matter.

I saw that we had no hair and spoke with a thick northern accent. Neither of me liked this particularly, but we accepted that it was OK.

We went down stairs together, and I walked in to the living room to find my dad and sister were already there. My dad was eating his breakfast, as he often did. He was a creature of habit.

I went into the kitchen.

A few seconds later my clone followed me in.

From the kitchen, I called back, "Dad. I've got something to tell you." And we both walked back into the living room.

My dad seemed mildly taken a back.

I said, "I hope you don't find this disturbing because I think it's rather cool!"

"It is a bit weird," my sister said in slightly surprised manner, but also in a way that indicated that it would be OK.

"It would have to be," I thought.

I went back into the kitchen and was trying to make another copy of myself when I woke up.

Please! Don't wake me from the dream. It really is everything it seemed.