Videos by Andy Man

Who Taught You to Hate Yourself?
This video aims to showcase, without compromise to feminist narrative, the positive traits of men and those aptitudes which are typically male. It's time for men and boys to feel good about themselves again!

No schoolboy should ever have to sit in class while his teacher makes him feel responsible for all the wrongs perpetrated throughout history, or makes him feel worthless and inadequate, or tells him that his gender harms the other and that women will need protecting from him when he gets older. This should be seen for what it is, nothing other than an ideologue abusing her position in order to deliver dehumanising classroom propaganda to children. That's misandry, miss!

Why are men going their own way when it comes to relationships?
Everywhere, men are stepping back when it comes to romantic commitment. Many young men are simply indifferent to the idea, some are afraid, while others are angry and have this bitter message for the opposite sex — "We don't know you; we don't need you, and we don't want you."

This article describes the changing relationships between men and women, and includes warning for the future.

The White Feather Betrayal of History
In modern culture, the story we are given is a disingenous one. It tells us that men always had the vote, while women were denied it. This is not only untrue, many important historical perspectives have been airbrushed from of our collective memory. For example, the simple fact was that at the start of the 20th century, most men did not have the right to a parliamentary vote. But this is rarely mentioned.

I will say that again in case you missed it — most men did not have the vote. Nevertheless, they were expected to fight and die in the trenches of the Great War.

Furthermore, Emmaline Pankhurt urged her suffragettes to hand white feathers to any male not in uniform to shame them to enlist in a war that killed millions, including teenage boys under 16.

Germaine Greer - An Insight from "Equality is not Enough"
These are selected extracts from Germaine Greer's "Equality is not Enough" lecture given in Liverpool 2009.

They give an insight into the vilification of males which is now considered legitimate and appropriate in our culture, and represents a catastrophy for our sons — for your sons. The problem is what we say, think and feel about people invariably translates into what we do to them. And once we stop thinking about a group of people as human, they become legitimate targets for harm and agression. History has taught us this lesson time and time again.

Misandry in the 21st Century
The first part of video shows extracts from a US TV show called "The Talk" in which an horrific attack on a man is discussed by the all female panel and audience. The point is not so much the sickening attack itself, although it is sickening and a tragedy, but how misandry has become so normalised that it is considered perfectly acceptable to ridicule victims of torture and mutilation on prime time television — provided that those victims are male.

The second part of the video deals with how males are ridiculed in TV ads, how violence against us is portrayed as normal, and how positive male role models have been withdrawn from TV and cinema over recent years. The accumulative effect of this on the self-esteem and mental well being of young boys growing up today's world is incalcuble.